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Re: Coolview problems - everything went slow!

>From: Administrator <>
>To: "Gnu-Win32 Archive (E-mail)" <>
>Subject: Coolview problems - everything went slow!
>Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 06:09:51 -0000
>I pulled down the coolview binaries and found they fixed the most
>annoying bugs in bash, ie use of double ESC to complete a path, correct
>job control, etc. However....
>Everything went very slow. Like 30 second response time. Previously it
>was immediate. Also, bash refuses to read my .bashrc file, giving the
>	"bash.exe: /d/users/jonathanlunt/.bashrc: error 0" 

The problem here is the \r\n line endings you must remove the \r.

cp .bashrc junk
tr -d "\r" < junk > .bashrc
rm junk

Note: you must do this for all scripts and source code.

>The path stated is my home directory. All this works fine without
>coolview. Odd thing - if I fun b18 bash and then call coolview, the
>.bashrc is still bust, but the performance is really snappy.

How do you instantiate both the original bash and the coolview bash?  
The cygwin.dll replacement should cause the original bash to abort as 
there existed a misspelled function name for which bash was modifed to 
use.  Unless of course Sergey has changed things recently to allow it.

>Any clues??

Read the mail archives, pick any month, you'll find posts in them all.

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