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Re: bash and ~

Pierre A. Humblet wrote:

>The real fix is to have emacs understand "/users/pierre"

Not really, because this is more generally a problem of interfacing cygwin
to non-cygwin applications. It seems sort of silly to me to suggest that all
other apps should understand cygwin's insistence on pretending that Win32 is

Another approach to this problem might be to have cygwin translate the
environment for all child processes to use native paths (e.g., translate
/users/pierre to c:\users\pierre or whatever it's mounted as), and have
cygwin programs perform the reverse translation during their C library
initialization (before main() gets called). Thus, any non-cygwin app will
see what it expects (Win32 drive letters and paths), and any cygwin app will
also see what it expects (Unix-style paths based on cygwin's mount points),
whether launched from bash or a non-cygwin shell. Since the environment is
fairly small and modern machines are fairly fast, this should not add
significant performance overhead.


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