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Re: GCC on Solaris7: "C compiler cannot create executables"


>configure:927: checking for gcc
>configure:1004: checking whether the C compiler (gcc -g ) works
>configure:1018: gcc -o conftest -g   conftest.c  1>&5
>gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or directory

/usr/ccs/bin/as is in package SUNWsprot
system      SUNWsprot      Solaris Bundled tools

The solaris FAQ says:

6.2) Which packages do I need to install to support a C compiler?

    Solaris ships with everything you need, with the exception of the
    compiler itself.  Solaris ships with the include files, make, an
    assembler, linker and libraries.  All this stuff lives in
    /usr/ccs/bin (add it to your PATH before /usr/ucb if that's in your
    PATH as well) /usr/ccs/lib and /usr/include.

    If you still can't find it, make sure you have the following
    packages installed on your system:

	for tools (sccs, lex, yacc, make, nm, truss, ld, as):
	    SUNWbtool, SUNWsprot, SUNWtoo
	for libraries & headers:
	    SUNWhea, SUNWarc, SUNWlibm, SUNWlibms
	    SUNWdfbh, SUNWcg6h, SUNWxwinc, SUNWolinc,
	for 64 bit development:
	    SUNWarcx, SUNWbtoox, SUNWdplx, SUNWscpux, SUNWsprox,
	    SUNWtoox, SUNWlmsx, SUNWlmx, SUNWlibCx
	for ucb compat:
	    SUNWsra, SUNWsrh

    These packages are all on the Solaris 2.x CDs, except that some
    packages may only exist in some releases and not in others.
    Some packages may be on separate CDs, such as the "Desktop/CDE"
    CD, but all are part of the Solaris "bundle".

    --- end of excerpt from the FAQ

The most recently posted version of the FAQ is available from
Expressed in this posting are my opinions.  They are in no way related
to opinions held by my employer, Sun Microsystems.
Statements on Sun products included here are not gospel and may
be fiction rather than truth.

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