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Newbie questions....

I am interested in the CYGWIN-32 project.  Since at work, I must use NT,
I keep pulling hairs out when the ls command doesn't work.  Fortunately
I found CYGWIN-32 and the bash shell.  That seems to solve my problem.

However, some questions.  I've tried to find the information on the web,
but haven't been successful.  How does bash work in CYGWIN-32?  I can't
figure out how to set the $HOME variable.  I have my .bash_profile and
.bashrc in my home directory to configure my environment, but executing
the cygnus.bat file (to start bash) will not source those files and it
puts me in the desktop directory.  How do I configure bash so that it
sources my config files?

Or, better yet, what is the best link for the documentation?  That could
answer more of my questions (i.e. getting g77 to work).

Thanks for the help.


Adrian Nagle                                      Tele: 303-939-6518
Thermal Engineer                                   FAX: 303-939-5166
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Boulder, Colorado

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