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Re: Jan Jaap's Mingw32

On 20 Mar 98 at 23:42, the Illustrious Alain CULOS wrote:
> > PS: I'm trying to determine if hotmail is delivering my mail in a
> > timely fashion.  I sent you mail from hotmail yesterday, did you
> > receive it?  I don't particularly like "Yahoo! Mail" but if it's
> > faster I may have to switch.
> You sent your private mail at something and 40 seconds through
> HTTP/hotmail, it was received by bigfoot at something (the same something
> all the way through) and 41 seconds this was later received at something
> and 47 seconds by my service provider (the atlantic link is slow) and it
> subsequently waited sitting there 30 something hours in my mail box, a
> fraction of a second away from me.To answer your query, I certainly would
> call that timely. I see from the time zone, you are in the Pacific area
> or else I misinterpret PST ! Are you any close to the sea, and are you
> any close to a sunny and warm place ? I know Pacific can mean Seattle and
> that can be cold enough. By the way, the ST in PST is meant to mean
> Summer Time ! Are you any close to summer ? Or do you just not bother
> with setting your PC back and forth ?

	Actually, PST means Pacific Standard Time...Summer is still a few months 
away.  In about a week we'll be going to PDT or Pacific Daylight Time.  

	This is our way of extending the (*wink*) beautiful NW Spring, Summer and 
Autumn.  It's wonderful to sit outside at the Summer Solstice and watch 
the sun finally set about 10pm or so here in the Northern Latitudes 
of the Pacific Northwest (which, to a certain degree -- "pun" unintended, 
includes San Francisco, CA).


		Paul G.

ps. Los Angeles, San Diego and parts of Southern Canada are all part of 
the timezone referenced as "Pacific".
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