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Re: WIN32on UNIX?

On a couple of projects I have worked on we needed to access
Window's formated "HELP" *.hlp files on a UNIX system.
A company called Bristol Technologies has a product that we used.
It was fine for what we wanted.  Nothing special, but the windows help
"app" running under UNIX.

The also have a product that makes it easy to port apps from Windows
to UNIX.

They may have something that lets you run windows apps on UNIX, but
I don't know.  The URL is < Bristol Technology Inc. Home Page (hyperhelp) >.
I just tried it and it timed out.  I'm on their mailing list, so think they are still around.

Patrick Steranka

Stephen Greenberg wrote:

> As an integrator of Thin Client and UNIX-NT solutions we are looking for
> an alternative solution to presenting WIN32 applications to the UNIX
> desktop. Currently, we are using variations of Citrix Winframe and
> Microsoft Terminal Server (beta) technologies for this purpose, however,
> there are a growing number of issues with these solutions for UNIX
> environments. If you are not familiar with this products, they are
> multi-user versions of WIN NT that allow NT user sessions to display on
> UNIX desktops.
> We are currently evaluating a product called "LiftOff" from New Moon
> which distributes WIN32 execution by intercepting API calls on the host
> server and re-directing them over the network to be executed on client
> systems. This is an intriguing approach to distributed processing,
> however, it requires that the client system be able to execute the full
> functionality of WIN32. Currently, only WIN9x and WINNT can successfully
> act as clients to this WIN NT application server approach.
> (This is a link to info on the product)
> My question is if there is a way to allow a UNIX desktop to act as a
> full WIN32 client, i.e. receive the API calls from the Windows
> application server and execute them locally. Any information, thoughts
> or speculations are appreciated!
> Thank You in advance...
> Steve Greenberg
> Thin Client Computing
> 15111 N. Hayden Rd #160-107
> Scottsdale, AZ 85260
> (602) 432-UNIX
> (602) 483-7570 fax
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