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Re: Sshd: password authentication failed

On Mon, Jun 15, 1998 at 08:14:48AM +0400, you [Sergey Okhapkin] claimed:
> Ville Herva wrote:
> > debug: Attempting authentication for user.
> > debug: RSA authentication for user failed.
> > debug: Password authentication for user failed.
> > fatal: Connection closed by remote host.
> > debug: Calling cleanup 0x40eee0(0x0)
> > 
> The user's account sshd is running have no necessary rights. See a details on my web page (about
> starting inetd).

I've added every possible right for the appropriate user from
User Manager / Policies / User Rights.

I also added all "advanced" rights. (I forgot to mention earlier that I'm 
running NT 4.0 Server SSP3, if that has anything to do with it.) I did check
the rights include "Act as part of operation system", "Replace a process 
level token" and "Increase quotas".

Should the machine be booted after changing user rights?


-- v --
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