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Re: gcc does not handle macro properly says:

>... gcc does not handle propertly the following macro:
> #define	FD_CLR(fd,set) do { \
> 	u_int __i; \
> 	for (__i = 0; ...
> The compiler says: parse error before for...
> In fact, I edited the file with vi and remove all the ^M after the \ and
> it works. (Now I have different error messages) I am pretty sure that it
> comes from some silly TEXT and BINARY mode. And perhaps the solution would
> be to use the 'mount' programs....
> Benoit Papillault

Absolutely correct.  If the file has <CR><LF> present for newlines and you
mount it as text, the \<CR><LF> is read as a backslash followed by a newline.
The compiler treats this as whitespace.  If, however, you mount its filesystem
as a binary only filesystem, the compiler reads backslash, carriage return,
newline.  It treats the backslash carriage return sequence as just a carriage
return (whitespace), then the newline is processed which terminates the
macro definition.

marcus hall
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