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2 Freshly extracted (email addresses) for a penny!

We now have a special going on to prove to those of you who may not understand our honesty in this 
We sell email addresses to people for a variety of reasons around the world. For promotion and for 
organizations all over the globe.
We send them to you by email or for $3.00 we can send them on a 3.5'' disk.

All you have to do is email us and we will give you more details. There is really nothing more to say. We 
just need the money before we ship them and you need to realize we can't work anymore on credit 
because of other people that will not pay.

Minimum order 15,000 addresses.

How to order: Please email us at the address below and in the subject line put the word (ORDER)....and 
in the body of the email please put your desription of the order. For every 2000 eamil addresses you 
order please send   3 Keywords> This is very importaint!

Send your check or money order or use WESTERN UNION for the fastest return.

Western Union's phone number is 1-800-325-4176  Tell them to send the Money to Franklin North 
Carolina, USA 28734
IMPORAINT: If you send your money through WESTERN UNION please notify us by email with the 


NOTE : You will never get cheated of your money with us. We believe  in total customer satisfaction.

If you order we will in  turn send you are address for proper mailing.

ORDER befor the end of August ans we will give you 500 email addresses free.

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"" with one line of text: "help".

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