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using external DLL

This is my first message to this list. I have been using Cygnus since its
B18 I found it very useful (and very FREE and very non-MS).

I am trying to port an application that uses DirectX. I have a working
version of libs for DirectX3 that were ported by someone whose name I don't
have here, but I want to try to do it by myself, and also I want to use
that DirectX5 thing.

So I have used the dll tool to create the import libraries using DEFs
dumped from the DLLs, I have defined the function headers I am using and
its structures (that was a LOT of work, because MS headers do not fit very
well in EGCS). I have developed a little application which runs under MS VC
5.0 (of course it does) and I am trying to port it to EGCS.

I have created import libraries for (Win95) MMSYSTEM.DLL, DDRAW.DLL and
DSOUND.DLL. I am having trouble with just DDRAW.DLL, for some reason I
don't get to know: it seems to keep searching for C++ funcion
DirectDrawCreate even when I am using extern "C". I get an error saying it
does not find DirectDrawCreate@12. I had this same problem with other
functions but I just had to add 'extern "C"' to their definitions and they

Maybe this is some little problem I have yet not found so I don't expect
you to give me a magic answer but some hints would be appreciated. Also,
where can I get some more info on using external DLLs on EGCS (I just have
the dlltool and the FAQ)?


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