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Few starting out questions...


I fairly recently installed gnu win32b18 on NT workstation 4.0 and
have a few questions to ask.  I did check the FAQ, but didn't find

[1]  How on earth do I run bash from the start menu as a login shell
        such that it reads my .bash_profile?
        I can't seem to figure this out because if I create a shortcut,
        it doesn't allow me to pass the -login parameter to bash.  I
        get windows to run the shell with a "-" prepended to the name
        either (which is what /bin/login usually does).  I guess I could

        write a .bat file to launch bash but that seems a bit gross.

[2]  Do I have to write my own /etc/profile ?  Shouldn't be too hard
        I guess.

[3]  There seem to be manual pages but no "man" command available.
        Where is the man command?

-- David Campbell

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