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RE: Web Proxy server for Cygnus

From: Dr. Volker Zell []
>In my case the compilation was out of the box without touching any
>source code, but I had to include -lcrypt in some Makefile's.
>I just ignored the warning about configure not knowing about 

You should have gotten this warning while running Configure:

  uname -X
  uname: invalid option -- X
  Try `uname --help' for more information.
  Ideally, read the file PORTING, do what it says, and send the
  resulting patches to The Apache Group by filling out a report
  form at If you don't
  wish to do the port yourself, please submit this output rather
  than the patches. Thank you.

  Pressing on with the build process, but all bets are off.
  Do not be surprised if it fails. If it works, and even
  if it does not, please contact the above address.

   + configured for Unknown and unsupported OS platform

Did the serving of binary files (GIFs, etc) work out of the box?
They didn't for me, that's one reason I created the patch.

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