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Re: OT:RE: CD-based distribution (was Another website....)

Keep in mind that RPM is a package database, not a user interface.  A
GNU-win32 distribution shouldn't require users to invoke 'rpm' at the
command line.  Redhat Linux doesn't, which is based entirely on rpm...

I'd like to see an InstallShield-based installation wrapper which
invokes rpm silently.  The Redhat glint tool may be useful too.  If
python is available under cygwin32 we may be able to port glint
directly. wrote:
> #Well, I couldn't really say anything about the Debian tools since I've
> #never used the Debian distribution, only RedHat and Slackware.  The rpm
> #port to cygwin32 that I have seen is solid, and works fine with source
> #rpms (haven't tried binary so don't quote me on this :).
> I said InstallShield because I thought that this was the best installer from a
> Win32 level. Does 'rpm' etc work at the Win32 level, otherwise it's worse
> than useless for the initial install.
> Of course, it should go without saying that the package should be able to
> be uninstalled cleanly, (leaving not a trace of itself on the system).
> Bob Cross.
> Apologies for my lack of knowledge.

Jeff Sturm
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