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RE: CD-based distribution (was Another website....) writes:

 > Why bother with XEmacs then, when NTEmacs is available and just as good?

But, NTEmacs is *not* "just as good".  (I've used both XEmacs and
NTEmacs extensively, and have been helping out a little with the
XEmacs beta testing.)

XEmacs can be built for Windows in two different ways[1] - there's a
Cygwin version, and a native version.  They function pretty much the
same.  (There are some problems with subprocesses in the native
version, but these are being worked on).  You could install one, or
the other.  But it would be madness to install *both*.  Keeping both
distributions up to date would be a major pain.  

 > Some tools I have don't translate well to Win32, and require other programs, 
 > like Ghostscript, to function, hence provide these other programs. 

Cygwin is great for things that don't translate to Win32 - I think the 
idea of a Cygwin GIMP is great.  I'm talking about tools (Tcl/Tk,
Perl, Python) for which well-functioning native Win32 ports are
readily available.  

[1] As of version 21.0, currently in beta.
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