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Re: Compiling gnu-win32 from scratch

Hi Kevin,

>Ian Collins wrote:
>> I have about 40 people who want to connect to my gnu-win32 server to
>> run a character app developed in the gnu-win32 environment. They have
>> to connect using telnet, but the maximum number of connections I can
>> get is 10 (ish).
>Just to note, if you were not already aware, that NT Workstation
>(arbitrarily) imposes a ten-connection limit - if you want more you must
>be running NT Server.  Either that, or Windows 95 which does not have
>the limit.

Sorry to correct you - the limitation to 10 connections does only affect
*native* connections, i.e. through SMB (access to shares, MAPI, ...).
It does not affect any pure TCP/IP connection as telnet, http, ftp, ...

>(You may well have to modify tty.h as well, I just wanted to point out

Yepp, tty.h is the correct place.

>the limitaion of NT Workstation).
>Kevin F. Quinn

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