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RE: EGCS 1.0.2: weird include paths with gcc -b, specs, etc

On 21 August 1998 20:56, Mumit Khan[] wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Aug 1998, Fieldhouse, Dirk wrote:
> > ref: Earnie Boyd's
> > 
> > I'm trying to set up a dual cygwin32/mingw32 environment with the egcs
> > cygwin32 binaries and being defeated by some strange behaviour with
> > paths.

Thanks, Mumit, for your answer.

So, for clarification, I want to be able to use the CYGWIN32 binaries to
build CYGWIN32 or MINGW32 objects according to the environment settings -
ideally without having to do gcc -b i386-mingw32 ... 

> > The binary distribution of egcs-1.0.2 for cygwin32 seems to have some
> > hard-wired directories built into it, specifically
> > 
> > 	../../../../../include
> > and 
> >  	../../../../i386-cygwin32/include
> > 
> Yeah, this is what I call the "Cygnus unlibsubdir" patch that is standard
> with Cygnus built distributions. Basically, unlibsubdir patch relocates 
> the entire GCC package with only one env variable -- GCC_EXEC_PREFIX -- 
> and everything is accessed relative to that. This change affects the
> language drivers, cpp and proto tools only.
This seems like a good default but shouldn't explicit C_INCLUDE_PATH etc
variables override it?
> I need to weigh my time against other factors, and unless someone provides
> a different mechanism, while keeping the "relocatability" feature, I'm
> afraid this feature (or bug, depending on who you are) is here to stay.
> What I *am* willing to do however is to build the drivers (gcc.exe, etc) 
> without this patch and put it in a separate archive so you can use those 
> instead. The only programs affected are the language drivers, cpp,
> protoize and unprotoize.

That sounds great.

> BTW, the --exec-prefix and --prefix settings are different for cygwin32
> (which use different values for these) and mingw32 (uses the same value
> for both), so what you see is consistent.

What I don't understand is that my explicit C_INCLUDE_PATH (&c) are not
being used by the egcs tools _even as an addition_ to the built-in search
path. This becomes clear on studying the transcripts I posted before ().

I'm wondering if this is some CYGWIN strangeness with W95 (failure to
inherit environment, perhaps?) since the string "C_INCLUDE_PATH" is
apparently known to cpp.exe. It's not the mingw32 problem in because I'm using the
cygwin32 build. And I'm sure it worked once!

And again my 2nd question: does egcs gcc use anything apart from the
built-in default, GCC_EXEC_PREFIX and the -b and --specs options to find the
specs file? - eg LIBRARY_PATH ?

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