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Re: ssh searching its files in /.ssh instead of $HOME/.ssh

Hi Michael, you wrote:
>>BTW2: Is there any Interest in posting the FAQ periodically to this
>>list? IMHO it would save a lot of time if everyone always had the
>>up-to-date FAQ without having to ftp- or www-download it. I would
>>volunteer for that, too.
>Yep, would really be great.
>I already thought of doing this, but definitely hadn't the time to write
>and maintain another FAQ :)
>I would add a few questions and answers, though, if I can find the time.
>I also would provide the necessary ftp and/or web space for a net based
>version of such a FAQ.
Mhmm, I didn't really mean that I want to write another FAQ. I don't
even have the time for writing documentation for my programs. ;)
I just thought of creating an up-to-date text version of cygnus' FAQ
they hold at and posting it
here periodically. I thought of something automated using wget and a

Would this be okay? Are there any plans like this at Cygnus already?
Is there already any up-to-date text version? Geoffrey?

Of course it would be better if someone at Cygnus did this because
they sit directly at the source.

But I definitly can't do the FAQ maintainer because my time is already
to short to do all I want/have to. Sorry if I waked hope...

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