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Re: Any Luck Debugging in cygwinb19 dll?

Dave Reid wrote:
> Hi Marco - I saw your post ("Debugging in cygwinb19 dll", Mon, 24 Aug 1998
> 09:34:09 +0200) to the cygwin mail archive while looking for an answer to
> that exact question. It seems like such a silly question to have to ask,

Well debugging goes a bit better now, after removeing -s flags in the
options. But if i change something within the winsup dll and i only
the winsup dll and install it the debugger get lost again. But if i
rebuild the src and install it the gnu debugger works again.

> there must be lots of folks on the mailing list who do it regularly...but it
> sure isn't obvious from the archive or FAQ. I'd appreciate your forwarding
> me any pointers you've received.
> I found one post from 1997, but it's about B18, and I haven't been able to
> read the file attachments from it ("Re: Debugging cygwin.dll with gdb &
> static libcygwin_g.a", Mikey (*, Sat, 14 Jun 1997
> 16:33:19 GMT)
> ..Dave Reid
> Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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