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Re: I: gcc ... -U_WIN32 ... may cause problems

> >Leave the _WIN32 and WINNT for MS' use and get rid of them from the
> >specs altogether.  I've had to be cautious about this before and
> >_WIN32 being defined for CYGWIN32 and even MINGW32 definitely gets in
> >the way on occasion.

> I second this opinion.  According to MS docs, _WIN32 is an MS specific
> variable.  If Cygnus is going to start using it, then it just complicates
> the cases where someone wants to recognize the difference between the
> MS and non-MS environments.

What purpose does defining _WIN32 serve in a CYGWIN32 environment?  Isn't 
CYGWIN32 supposed to make our UNIX code think it's still on a UNIX box?

I have libraries that can be compiled with MSV++ or on UNIX, and I like
the option of being able to use either environment for use on windows (via
CYGWIN32) but I have to #ifdef code to do that.  IMHO, it would be nice to get
rid of the _WIN32 definition here if its not really needed.

What's the Cygnus position on this?

Craig Nelson, Cameo Systems Inc.
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