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Re: clock skew

--- Trevor Forbes <> wrote:
> I get  the following random error when building packages?
> make[1]: *** Warning: File `xmakefile' has modification time in the future
> (2000-04-07 08:09:32 > 2000-04-07 08:09:31)
> make[1]: *** Warning:  Clock skew detected.  Your build may be incomplete.
> The clock skew is always out by one second and it never seems to affect the
> final build.
> There is no network drives involved
> states the problem as:
> This appears to be a typical characteristic of Windows systems, as if the
> low order bits of the file time are "random."  It hasn't appeared to be a
> problem; I don't see it as often in Win2K.  I've wondered whether cygwin
> should mask off the low order bits, given that Windows works this way.
> Is the above statement correct?
> Anyway, my question is, given that it does not seem to affect builds and
> that does not seem to be a common problem.
> Should I just continue to ignore the error or will it eventually cause a
> build to be incomplete?

Would you be using a networked device for storage, compilation, etc?  This
could be a difference in clocks between your workstation and the fileserver.

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