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Bug in gcc and g++ compilers.

Dear Sirs,
I recently downloaded Cygwin B20 (beta 20.1) from your web site
and I thank you very much for your phantastic work.
The downloaded setup file is full.exe version 2.02.001.
I installed the downloaded software and everything runs
well. Yesterday, I tried to compile the file ivp.c attached to
this mail message.
gcc ivp.c produces a ./a.exe file. When I try to run it, bash
answers "permission denied". When I try to run it from NT's
command shell cmd.exe, cmd.exe answers "not a NT application"
in a modal dialog and then prints "access denied" on its own
g++ ivp.c (same file) takes a lot to compile. It seems that the assembler
is responsible for that (as.exe takes a lot of CPU time).
After a minute or more g++ terminates with the following message.
C:\TEMP\cc6JXrCu.s: Assembler messages:
C:\TEMP\cc6JXrCu.s:485: Fatal error: Cannot write to output file.
When you modify the source code by replacing
#define dt  ((double) 1.0e-8)
#define dt  ((double) 0.05)
everything works fine. It seems the compiler.
Yours sincerely, Roberto


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