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Re: Where is stdio.h?

Pierre Abbat wrote:
> >The gcc compiler doesn't need /usr/include, it knows where to find its
> >include files, but you seem to have an atypical Makefile that looks for
> >stdio.h itself.
> I looked at the Makefile in Linux (the Windows box is off now) and there is no
> mention of stdio. It's a diving make created by autoconf/automake using
> Kdevelop. I can send it to you if you'd like.

The message you forwarded originally was an make error, trying to
resolve a dependency on stdio.h.  It must be in there somewhere.

> Can you tell me what steps I need to take to get this working? Or should I get
> the CD? Is it any easier?

Do what I suggested earlier.  Find the directory that _does_ have
stdio.h, then make a symbolic link:

mkdir /usr
ln -s <real-include-dir> /usr/include

The CD may not really help.  Although my experience is that the
directory structure created by the CD installer is a little more sane
than the net release, I'm fairly certain it doesn't create a
/usr/include either... there isn't generally any need to.  (Of course
there are still other good reasons to buy the CD...)

Jeff Sturm

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