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Re: setup.exe in the "latest" directory (more installer testing)

At 10:11 PM 4/16/00, Mo DeJong wrote:
> > binmode means that all file opens that don't specify 
> > otherwise will open as binary.  This is a "good thing" for
> > source coming from *NIX environments since binary is the
> > default mode there (and text mode = binary mode on those
> > platforms).  I believe implicit mounts default to text 
> > mode, which would explain your problem.  Binary vs text mode
> > is an old controversy.  Unfortunately, it doesn't matter 
> > which side of the fence you are on.  There will always be 
> > someone who will argue the other side.  Anyway, that's 
> > probably what you're seeing...
> > 
> > 
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>So it sounds like drives mounted under /cygdrive are in "textmode".
>I am guessing this is done so that dos files an EOL of \r\n gets
>read as \n when opened by unix programs. I can see how this would
>be a very tricky problem. This problem is going to trip people
>up time and time again, so perhaps that right want to address
>this is to put a big note at the top of the readme that says
>"Don't try to build unix programs in a directory on a mounted
>drive like /cygdrive/c !!! Untar and build your unix programs
>in a directory in the root filesystem like /tmp."

Well, that's one option (or a variant of it).  The other is to be sure
that the utilities being used to do the building don't assume binary files
if they are required.  In your case, I would say autoconf needs to be 
"ported" to Windows by having the source changed to open files explicitly
in binary mode.  The second option is a better one overall since it solves
the problem so that others won't see them no matter what they do...

>Also, I read FAQ "How can I access other drives?" and it looks
>like it needs to be updated to include the new /cygdrive feature.

I'd tend to agree.

>Is the cygwin web site available as a CVS module? Other cygnus
>projects allow you to check out "htdocs", it contains entire
>web site so it makes it very easy to submit patches for HTML files.
>The FAQ is going to need lots of updating after this
>release, so if we want people to help out the least we could
>do is put the web pages in the CVS so that it is easy to keep
>track of changes.

Sounds reasonable to me though I can't comment on whether it (or 
something similar) will be done.


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