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Re: Version handling

--- bob <> wrote:
> It figures, I just ordered the Cygwin CD 1.0, Now the Net Release
> 1.1.0 is out. How should I handle these two version?

How do you want to handle the two versions?

> o Should I remove the Net Release and install the 1.0 only?
> o Should I check individual versions on everything and selectively
> update things?

Assuming enough disk space you could use both in full and mix 'n' match.


In the cygwin.bat file for each of these you'll add a line to change the root /
to point to the correct directory for that set and add a shortcut to the
desktop for each cygwin.bat.

E.G.: mount -b -f d:/Cygwin/CD /
      mount -b -f d:/Cygwin/Net /
      mount -b -f d:/Cygwin/Combo /

The downside of this is that you can only use a single set at a time.  Once the
mount takes place it happens for the children of the current session as well.

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