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Re[2]: 3 bugs

Hello DJ,

DJ Delorie <> wrote:

DD> It sounds like this is a "feature" of the Win32 file system, in that
DD> it doesn't *quite* preserve the file name correctly.  If so, there's
DD> not much we can do about it.  Except, perhaps, to MIME encode the
DD> problem file names :-(

    Cool idea! ;-) But what about mere urlencoding filenames? Here
problem arises: what to do with '%' itself. At least 3 following
choices are available:

1. Be formally correct: replace '%' with '%25'. But this will lead to
incompatibility with native apps. E.g.: script, native apps delivers
filename and cygwin apps tries to open it.

2. Don't touch '%' at all.

3. Oversafing: try filename with '%' urlencoded, if it fails, try

         For me, 1 is not acceptable, and 3 way to complicated. So,
I've chosen 2 - I don't know about any app using % in filenames
consistently, so to come upon filename with '%' followed by two uppercase
hex digits is very low probability for me.

Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist

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