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Re: 3 bugs

Hi Paul,

Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
>     Nice feature and fully answers original question. I'll try to
> comment why it's hardly usable to make cygwin less fastidious about
> filenames:

Making cygwin use this syntax in all cases is not something that would
be usefull for me.  I need my files to be accessible with regular
Windows tools without special syntax tricks.  Otherwise I could just
switch to Linux and forget about all those compatibility issues once and
for all.

So I was only suggesting this as a solution for people that somehow have
managed to create those files and want to get rid of them.

> - it works only with nt, not 9x

I don't remember if there was a solution for Win9x, you may want to
search the list archives.  IIRC the discussion was about files called
"aux" then.

> - it requires full path

Not a problem for me (s.a.).

> - it doesn't allow too much, e.g. it lets that dot at the end, but
> not filename containing ':' or '*' .

Does the file system driver allow you to create these kind of files
somehow like it does for "t." or "aux.c"?  I would doubt that.

so long, benny
Benjamin Riefenstahl (
ISION Internet AG
Ruhrstr. 61, D-22761 Hamburg, Germany

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