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Re: Backspace prob with vim under rxvt

Bob McGowan wrote:
> "Charles S. Wilson" wrote:
> >
> > "John A. Turner" wrote:
> >
> > > >   I don't see this behavior. What are your stty settings, CYGWIN
> > > > variable settings, .inputrc contents, and .vimrc contents?
> ...
> > My point was not that everyone should copy my settings, but that there
> > may have been some obvious thing in Kevin's settings that was messing
> > things up; e.g. 'stty erase ^h" or something similar but wrong. To tell
> ...                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> The "something similar but wrong" seems to imply that the 'stty erase
> ^h' is wrong. 

Oh gee. I was afraid this would happen. "stty erase ^h" is perfectly
fine in certain situations. "stty erase ^?" is also okay in other
situations. I didn't wan't to enshrine something obviously wrong in the
email archives, so I said, "something similar to 'xxxx' *BUT* wrong",
whereas 'xxxx' is (often) right.

That is, perhaps Kevin had "stty erase ^X" or somesuch. I dunno; I was
just recommending that he take a look -- stty settings have historically
been the (cause|cure) of backspace problems, so it's always worth a

Again, my stty settings contain no specific reference to 'erase' at all.
(I did experiment with it, and explicitly set 'erase' to '^h' and '^?'
and vim-in-rxvt worked fine in both cases.)

NOTE: '^h' is not "caret" "h", but is typed as "CTRL-V CTRL-H". '^?' is
not "caret" "question", but is typed as "CTRL-V" "BACKSPACEKEY".

> Is this correct?  And if so, could you explain why?  In a
> standard UNIX setup, this is perfectly legal and something I have done
> frequently.  Though I must admit it was for standard serial interfaced
> terminals and not pseudo tty based xterms...
> Thanks,
> --
> Bob McGowan
> Staff Software Quality Engineer
> VERITAS Software

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