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RE: For the adventurous: cygwin/latest/newsetup

All I get is "umount: Invalid argument"
when trying "umount --remove-all-mounts".  umount --help, /?, etc. reveals
no info to ensure I am doing a valid option.  Anything on that?  Where is
help info on the commands?

I found the entry in the registry and deleted the bad one.  Rerunning setup
results in the same issues as before.

What are the pre-reqs to install this?  Does it need to be installed in any
special directory hierarchy?

-----Original Message-----
From: Chris Faylor []
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2000 7:43 AM
Subject: Re: For the adventurous: cygwin/latest/newsetup

On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 07:24:44AM -0500, Jeff Jensen wrote:
>Thanks Chris, here is the info:
>Setup: Rev 1.25, built 4/21 @11:31.
>OS: Win 95 SR2 (I haven't tried on my NT Wks machine yet)
>Mount output:
>Device           Directory           Type        Flags
>\                c:                  native      text!=binary
>C:               /                   native      text!=binary

This is a very strange mount table.  If setup.exe did this then there's
a bug there somewhere.  Try doing the following:

umount --remove-all-mounts
mount -f -b c:/ /

If that "\" mount comes back then there is a problem in setup.exe.


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