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Re: Various questions - docs, paths

John S Cooper wrote:
> o The FAQ and User's Guide seem to refer to B20 -- are there equivalent docs
>   for the new 1.1.0, or does everything in the older docs still apply?

The new FAQ is work in progress.

> o What's the deal with these new "/cygdrive" path prefixes?
>   ,----
>   | bash-2.03$ type bash
>   | bash is /cygdrive/h/cygnus/bin/bash
>   `----

/cygdrive is the standard prefix for paths which are
unresolvable via the mount table.

>   They don't seem to appear in my mount table:

That's logical because you create the mount table by yourself
whereas /cygdrive is used automagically.

> o We have a Makefile that needs to pass the current directory to a (non-cygwin)
>   program.  If we use $PWD, we get the /cygdrive style path, which the program
>   doesn't grok.  Do I have use conditionally (our Makefile also runs on Linux)
>   call cygpath to convert to Windows style paths in all places we invoke this
>   program?

AFAICT, yes, indeed.

> o Is there a way to tell cygwin to always use Windows style paths (with drive
>   letters) rather than the "unix" paths that are only understood by other
>   cygwin programs?

No.  Cygwin is a POSIX layer. On the other hand cygwin doesn't complain
if you use sth like 'C:\\foo\\bar\\baz' on the command line.

> o I've seen people allude to a CYGWIN variable -- where is this documented?

Umm, let's see... ah, ok here we go:


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