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Re: Will setup work in saved directory from whe the files where D/Led by using another method?

On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 12:55:25PM -0500, Robert McNulty Junior wrote:
>BTW just solved the problem when downloading files individually and not
>saving them all in a temp directory.  Don't do it.  Setup will give you
>bad errors especially with with a corrupt file.  Perhaps that what is
>wrong.  They are corroupted because of misuse and ill-begotten ways.
>Sorry for being a pain.

I'm sorry, but I don't understand what the above paragraph is trying to

If you are saying that you downloaded the tar.gz files to a temp directory
and then used the 'd' option to setup to extract them, then that will certainly
work.  That just short circuits the "download from the internet" part of

If you somehow managed to corrupt the files in downloading them, then, yes,
you will probably get a tar error.

>The way to solve this (at least for the moment and while I'm doing it) is to
>individually save the modules AKA packages to a temdir.
>Then run setup, and it will work. How about that theory?

As opposed to what theory?  I don't understand how you would do it any
other way.

>What happened was I copied an old copy of Binutils into my tempdir just now.
>And overwriting the "good:" file. Looked at the file size. 336 KB. that is
>how I could tell what corrupted, From now, have some listing of how big (or
>small) the files are. Either that, or add a checksum. I remember checksums
>from my older days. These were keys done at each line of code to check for
>errors. In our case, we are sending binary of tricky internet connections.

There is an md5.sum file in every directory in latest.  setup does not
yet perform a check to make sure that the files it downloads match the
md5 checksum.  That will probably happen eventually.  It does check the
file sizes, though.

>We need a protocol like Xmodem for setup is what I'm trying to say. But not
>Xmodem, something to be used accross the net. Once we figure what we need,
>and find code that we can modify for setup, we will have a really neat
>program. Don't ask me to do it, cuz I might screw it up. Just throwing an
>idea at you.

ftp, http, or any internet protocol for downloading files from the net
has automatic built in error detection and correction.


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