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Re: installing rpm

Tim Prince wrote:
> Installing your package which includes vim created a file
> ~/.vimrc which is a large readable file.  That brings up the
> question, what about the missing libICE.dll? 

The version of vim on my site depends on having X11 installed. It
doesn't actually create its own window GUI, but it does use X11's shared
memory stuff (I think). Anyway, eventually I'll rebuild vim with no
dependence on X11. For now, though, you need to download and install the
X11 client libs from

> The file
> ~/.bash_history is working actively, so I don't think it's a
> path problem, at least not for other applications. 

This is a very roundabout way of answering my question about the HOME
environment variable. What was wrong with 'echo $HOME' ?

> I did 'touch
> ~/.rpmrc before I sent the first report, and that empty file is
> there too, but it made no difference.

So you get the same results with no ~/.rpmrc file at all, and with an
empty ~/.rpmrc file? FWIW, I have no .rpmrc at all in my home directory;
I just rely on the system defaults in /usr/local/lib/rpmrc.

I really cannot assist any further as I am currently travelling. When I
get back in town I've got some patches to merge and release rpm-3.0.4.
I've gotten reports that 3.0.4 works better with cygwin that 3.0.3. We
shall see.


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