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Setup v1.34 & root installation

I'm using Setup v1.34 (27 Apr 2000 14:25:57), and I told it to install in
"d:\".  The cygwin.bat it placed in d:\bin looked like this:

cat <<EOF>d:/bin/cygwin.bat
@echo off
SET PATH=d:\\bin;d:\\usr\local\bin;%PATH%

When I ran cygwin using the icon on my start menu, it sat there for a
while with no prompt (presumably looking for a machine on the network
called "bin") and then the console disappeared.  I turned off "Close on
exit" in the properties and it said "Bad command or file name", naturally.
I'm surprised nobody else has reported this - has everyone else just
typed, e.g. "c:" and not "c:\"?  Or is my system just weird?

A second issue (maybe related to the first?) is that Setup decided to
start downloading all of the snapshots from my mirror!  I was downloading
from, and after downloading all the
packages (including cygwin/cygwin-20000301.tar.gz) it got an old snapshot
(from ../old/snapshot-19990115/cygwin-inst-19990115.tar.gz) and then went
on downloading everything from ../snapshots/ - well the
cygwin-inst-*.tar.gz files anyway, because after it downloaded three I
stopped it downloading and re-ran setup with the d option to install from
what it had already downloaded.

Is this normal behaviour?  I don't understand why it has to download all
of these snapshots - when I looked in the setup log (which has now been
truncated because I ran setup to check the version for this email!) it
did actually install the three snapshots I let it download, one after the
other, and it seems like they each overwrote the previous one.  Now I
probably have a different version of the files than everyone else in the
world!  Actually, they didn't quite overwrite each other, because
cygwin-1990115.tar.gz puts files into i586-pc-cygwin32 and
cygwin-2000*.tar.gz put their files into i686-pc-cygwin.  Is it going to
ever do me any good having both of these directories with different
versions of cygwin headers and libraries or is this an error in the
installation process?  I would have done a manual installation if I could
find instructions on where to put things and what symlinks to make (or is
all of that in the tarballs?).

One more thing, with regards to the RPM idea, I think it sounds good.
Maybe it wouldn't be too hard to take the bits of the RedHat Linux
installer that let you choose packages and do dependency checks and do the
FTP/HTTP download and make a Cygwin installer?  I'm certainly not
volunteering for the job, though :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my spam!

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