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ssh Authentication--RSA/Password

Hi Corinna and All...

I need to allow multiple users to log on to a win2k system with ssh, but I 
am concerned about the security of allowing password authentication. I 
understand that curently you need to get the password to the sshd host so 
that the setuid can work and that this is why you use password 
authentication. You mentioned that some other software would be required to 
eliminate this need.

How big a job is this and how would it work?

Are you considering writing it in the future?

Is there annother way we could get the password to the sshd host?

I would be willing to type a passphrase and a password to log in. The 
passphrase would allow RSA authentication; the password would allow the 
setuid to work. Then I would disable password authentication in the 
sshd_config file. I would then have a secure authentication without worrying 
(as much) about users selecting weak passwords. I don't see any security 
holes introduced by this, as the tunnel is open when we bring the password 

What are your thoughts?


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