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Cygwin Java Make separator (slash) mapping

In Cygwin 1.1.8-2 /bin/sh, compiles with Java 1.2.2 have problems resolving
directories across disk drives and shares (for classpath, sourcepath or
destination path).

Similarly, GNU Make 3.79.1 Java compile child processes substitute
backslashes and get Can't read: errors on files make successfully found and
passed to them.

This happens even after make successfully uses "cygpath" to correctly echo
/cygdrive/j/ using the make rule:

  VPATH = shell cygpath -u /cygdrive/j

It happens using Cygwin C:/ and /cygdrive/c/ and /c/ after mkdir /c ; mount
c:/ /c

This happens both with Cygwin MAKE_MODE set to unix or win32.

In most but not all of the test cases, the drives have been full control

This cygwin link has some good information: and more:, but not
enough yet...

There must be information on this (I should post to a Java list), even if
there is no helping it, so Thanks in advance!!!

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