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Re: Cygwin Java Make separator (slash) mapping

At 07:08 PM 4/2/2001, Tom Starr wrote:
>In Cygwin 1.1.8-2 /bin/sh, compiles with Java 1.2.2 have problems resolving
>directories across disk drives and shares (for classpath, sourcepath or
>destination path).
>Similarly, GNU Make 3.79.1 Java compile child processes substitute
>backslashes and get Can't read: errors on files make successfully found and
>passed to them.
>This happens even after make successfully uses "cygpath" to correctly echo
>/cygdrive/j/ using the make rule:
>   VPATH = shell cygpath -u /cygdrive/j
>It happens using Cygwin C:/ and /cygdrive/c/ and /c/ after mkdir /c ; mount
>c:/ /c
>This happens both with Cygwin MAKE_MODE set to unix or win32.
>In most but not all of the test cases, the drives have been full control
>This cygwin link has some good information:
> and more:
>, but not
>enough yet...
>There must be information on this (I should post to a Java list), even if
>there is no helping it, so Thanks in advance!!!

Why are you trying to use /bin/sh as your shell with Java?  Unless you've
somehow built a Cygwin version (did you?), it won't understand Cygwin mounts 
paths.Try not setting your shell to /bin/sh and using MAKE_MODE win32.  Don't 
use cygpath either (I think you used it wrong in the example above since I'm
guessing you wanted a Windows path?).  

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