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re : problems quotes ...

scuse me for the double post ,  its an invonlontary mistake .

about quotes , i try to shredule by a little winnt tool the execution of
my unix command embeded in an .bat file ...

its possible to work without .bat file ? directely with  Bash ? (whith
the winnt or win98 shreduler).

thanks .

On Tue, Apr 03, 2001 at 01:28:17AM +0200, Philippe Izoret wrote:

>From: Debian User <>
>Subject: problems quotes ...
>Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001 22:14:11 +0200
>i want to excute from Dos Winnt command this :
>D:\Gnu\cygnus\bin\tar cvf /Disque_D/Test_Sav_Data/liste.tar
>`D:\Gnu\cygnus\bin\find  /Disque_D/Data/* -type f -print`
>i think the inverse quote is not interpreted by Msdos command .

That's right.  Cygwin doesn't magically make your DOS prompt able to
handle all UNIX conventions.  You can't use backquotes at the DOS
command prompt.  Use bash if you want to do this.

Btw, only one message per problem, please.  There's no need to send
the same thing to the mailing list twice.


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