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Re: installation trouble

Dave Gordon wrote:
> Hi, I'm having problems installing cygwin on a system running
> Windows NT 4 (service pack 6) and hoping someone can help me.
> I installed cygwin a couple of months ago without difficulty,
> but when trying to do an update yesterday installation failed
> with copious error messages.  After several unsuccessful attempts
> to get it working I thought something might be screwed up in the
> registry or in the cygwin directory, so I deleted everything and
> started a fresh install.  No luck.  Setup.exe now gives the same
> error messages as when I tried to update.   In particular, while
> trying to install autoconf-2.13-2.tar.gz, it pops up a dialog
> with the message:
>     error  unknown (or unsupported) file type `o'.

It appears to have downloaded the files correctly.  Perhaps you need to
reget the file again.  Perhaps you should
choose a different mirror.


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