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RE: Long Command lines in makefile

Dear Andrew,
Thank you very much for your help.

Yes I'm using gnumake that comes with cygwin.

On my co-workers machines the command works (it is the "make clean"
command), which calls the "rm" command as you can see in the below extract.
The "rm ...." line expands very long (I can see it just for a second before
Windows switches to the usual crash blue screen).
I've tryed to do something with a "for loop" so to call "rm" with a file at
a time, but it crashes in the "for $(OBJS)..." expansion.

Here it is an extract from makefile I'm using:

OBJS =  ./src/tast0mai.o \
        ./src/tats0mai.o \
        ./user/grcn0lib.o \
        ./user/grfb1lib.o \
        rm -f $(TARGET_LIB) $(DEPEND_FILES) $(OBJS) .depend

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From: flognat@master.athome [mailto:flognat@master.athome]On Behalf Of
Andrew Markebo
Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 4:44 PM
To: Andrea Minosu
Subject: Re: Long Command lines in makefile

Sounds like a problem with the make-program you use, do you use
gnumake that comes with cygwin or??

Tried to split the line, can you give us an example??

What does happen on your co-workers machines when you run this??


/ "Andrea Minosu" <> wrote:
| [...]
| I have a strange problem on my machine (Windows 98): when the command line
| of makefile is very long (because it uses something like $(OBJ)), then my
| crashes completely (not only the cygwin windows).

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