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Re: port of omniorb


I agree with you I think there is a bug. My question was not on what the 
definition of X_OK is but why it is as indicated by robert collins.

As a matter of fact, to end with mico, I only made the modification 
indicated in my other mail and the compilation posed no other problem. 
So I return to omniORB.

J. J. Farrell wrote:

>> From: "Robert Collins" <>
>>> From: bruno patin (travail) []
>>> as a matter of fact, I'll speak of Mico. There is at least 
>>> one problem 
>>> with the porting. In the file mico/include/mico/os-misc.h, 
>>> there is in 
>>> an enumerate an initialisation with the value X_OK. But the file 
>>> unistd.h (in sys) define this value as : define X_OK 
>>> _cygwin_X_OK and it 
>>> is not an integer so you have an error at the compilation of 
>>> the file in 
>>> mico that include os-misc.h. I replace X_OK directly by the 
>>> value of one 
>>> (not a great feat and subject to other error I know). But what is the 
>>> meaning of this define of X_OK in cygwin ?
>> It's exported from libcygwin.a
>> (look in unistd.h - you should see
>> extern const unsigned _cygwin_X_OK;)
> That looks like an implementation bug - X_OK is supposed to be
> defined as a constant in <unistd.h>.
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