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Re: foo: Permission denied

Michael Nagatkin wrote:
> Earnie Boyd wrote:
> > Michael Nagatkin wrote:
> > >  I get a "foo: Permission denied" error when running a script that
> > >  redirects to a file, "foo". I tried removing the file, but get the
> > >  same error.
> >
> > Is foo really foo.exe?  Is this on a NTFS?
>  No, foo is just simply foo - also, user has write permission
>  in foo's directory and I tried experimenting with variations
>  on umask (007, 777, etc).
>  Yes, NTFS (win2000).
>  Further, like the "problem with mmap and cygwin 1.1.8" post",
>  when I run a strace I get
>         "geterrno_from_win_error: windows error 5 == errno 13"
>  This problem is evocative of many other "Permission denied"
>  posts I have seen in the mail archives. I have followed
>  recommendations regards mkpasswd and tried to make sense
>  of the ntsec info. I have chmod problems as well.
>  Wouldn't it be nice if windoze had a /tmp equivalent where
>  read-write permissions were wide open? Testing for such a
>  problem would be much simplified. Is there a way Cygwin could
>  create a
>         drwxrwxrwx   2 nobody          4096 Apr  1 12:34 tmp/
>         ^^^^^^^^^^
>  as part of the install? If any of this is ridiculous, please
>  flame me, I am a newbie and will take any education I can get.

Hmm...  I assume you have the ntsec option set in the CYGWIN environment

What does Win32 say about the security for your c:\cygwin\tmp directory?


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