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Re: "Lock count exceeded" in mutt


* Marius Gedminas <> [010404 12:32]:
> Perhaps Mutt CygWin package should be compiled without dotlocking by
> default (#undef USE_DOTLOCK in config.h)?  Mutt also uses flock/fcntl to
> do locking, shouldn't that be enough?  And there are also native Windows
> mandatory locks.

FYI.  I'm running fetchmail, procmail and mutt, all of which compiled
almost OOTB under Cygwin 1.1.8.  OS is Win98 with FAT32 partition.

As for Mutt, problems around permissions were solved by excluding dotlock
related things:
(1) Comment out these two lines.
    #define USE_DOTLOCK 1
    #define DL_STANDALONE 1
    ("./configure --disable-external_dotlock" doesn't seem to undef them.)
(2) Remove every occurence of "mutt_dotlock", "dotlock.c",
    "$(mutt_dotlock_SOURCES)", "$(mutt_dotlock_OBJECTS)" from Makefile.

I don't think this way of tweaking is so nice.  It's just a workaround.

> Or maybe use --with-homespool instead?  But that will not solve the
> problem with FAT partitions.

I'm not sure about this.  As I said, I'm running mutt on FAT32 system 
(but not FAT) with no problems.



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I laughed loud.  Good line.

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