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Re: "Lock count exceeded" in mutt

Thanks for your detailed discussion. I will try

> Perhaps Mutt CygWin package should be compiled without dotlocking by
> default (#undef USE_DOTLOCK in config.h)?  Mutt also uses flock/fcntl to
> do locking, shouldn't that be enough?  And there are also native Windows
> mandatory locks.

to see if it solves it. I also noticed that if you make /var/spool/mail
non-writable for world, then the "lock count exceeded" disappears, but the
mailbox becomes read-only for mutt (despite the fact that the user has
rights and can modify the file outside of mutt).

Something that I haven't tried is to create a "mail" user and group, and
give the right permissions for programs and dir.

I'm trying to setup the fetchmail+maildrop+mutt system suggested in some
threads recently in this mailing list. I have compiled all the components (I
had to recompile mutt since it was not rendering 8bit characters correctly
on my display), and it seems to be almost working, except for this problem
with  permissions on dirs. Somehow these programs (and also sendmail or
procmail), which are for obvious reasons very picky on permissions, some way
or the other figure out that they are not living on a secure Unix
environment and refuse working at some point or the other, despite the fact
that right now they compile almost OOTB under cygwin.

BTW, cheers to all cygwin developers and contributors, I've been following
this project since three of four years ago and the progress is

Walter Garcia-Fontes
Barcelona, Spain

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