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Re: Use of Cygwin for Win98 *and* PalmOS building

At 02:32 PM 4/4/2001, Mark Aberdeen wrote:
>I currently use the cygwin and PRC-Tools combination for building
>Palm OS applications.  Now I'm hoping that I can update my current
>configuration (or add stuff to it) that will allow me to build software
>for the Win98 environment.
>I know that there are a lot of environment configuration issues just to
>set up the toolset for building on one platform, and I don't imagine
>it's different here.  Is there anything I should be aware of when trying
>to extend my PalmOS cygwin/prc-tool setup to build stuff for Win98?  Is
>this even possible?
>Any and all information available would be *greatly* appreciated.

Cygwin works on Win 9x.  Anything you build using Cygwin tools on non-9x
platforms (i.e. NT/W2K) will pretty much work on 9x platforms (there are some 
exceptions but that has to do with limitations in the 9x O/S, not the tools
or the process).  As for how the RPC-Tools are affected by your intended 
change, you're better equipped to answer that than anyone on this list, unless 
someone else here just happens to use these tools too.  My guess is you'll get
better information overall about the PRC-Tools capabilities from their 

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