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Proposed Changes to mount

I've downloaded the main source tree and successfully made cygwin1.dll, so I
think I'm ready to attempt a minor change to one of the utilities.  Since I
don't expect to make many changes or any major ones, I have not subscribed
to cygwin-developers or cygwin-patches.

I am sending this to the cygwin list to solicit comments and suggestions.

Proposed changes:

1.  TODO: Add an option to "mount" to generate a .bat file
   Option "--mount-commands" would cause mount to write mount commands to
stdout that would recreate all user and system mount points and cygdrive
   POSIX and Win32 paths would be inclosed in quotes (") to allow for paths
with spaces or other odd characters.
   Each line would have at least one trailing space followed by a CRLF line
ending to allow the output to work correctly as either a Cygwin shell script
or a Win32 batch file.

2.  Change the  first line of the --help display to:
usage mount [options] <win32path> <posixpath>
   The options can not be grouped, so the current help line is misleading.

Mac :})
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