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Re: Proposed Changes to mount

> >   Each line would have at least one trailing space followed by a CRLF line
> >ending to allow the output to work correctly as either a Cygwin shell script
> >or a Win32 batch file.
> I don't understand the need for a space.  There should be no reason for that.

It was my suggestion, and needs a second patch to work right.  The
reasoning is that mount can always create the file in text mode
(CR/LF), so that it can always be used as a .bat file.  However, it
can also be used as a shell script *if* the extra CR (which would
otherwise be appended to the last argument) is isolated *and* if mount
checks the last argument to see if it's a CR and strips it.

Alternately, mount could just check the last arg to see if it has a CR
appended, and strip it.  Perhaps it should do both.  The idea is to
make mount bulletproof wrt text conversions in scripts, and allow one
mount option to be used for creating both batch files and shell

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