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Re: Rep: Re: Compiling with Borland C but not with Cygwin !!!

At 03:18 PM 4/5/2001, Latyr Jean-Luc FAYE wrote:
> > Don't place -lm at the beginning of the command line.  Place it at the
> >
>Thanks folks it works.
>A few more questions on this behaviour.
>I'm a Cygwin's newbie (3 days now) and I would like to know what was wrong.
>I mean why
>gcc -otest.exe file.c is OK
>gcc -otest.exe file.c -lm is OK
>gcc -lm -otest.exe file.c -lm is NOT OK
>I am more surprised by the fact that
>gcc -otest.exe file.c is OK because I am using math.h in file.c and I learnt
>at school that when I use math.h I should put -lm in the compilation line

You want to check out the documentation for gcc (via info, man, or look on
the web) to understand the flag ordering.  

Cygwin has one library to implement everything.  Therefore, you don't need
-lm, although libm.a should be linked to libcygwin.a to make this work if 
your flag ordering is right.

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