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Re: sftp

Corinna Vinschen schrieb:
> On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 07:03:24PM +0200, Ronald Hecht wrote:
> > I'm debugging ..., but wondering why the process_readdir is called
> > twice. Do you have the same thing? Do you get a second SSH2_FXP_READDIR
> > like me? (using -v -v -v Option)
> Yes:
> sftp> ls
> debug3: Sending SSH2_FXP_READDIR I:3
> debug3: Received reply T:104 I:3
> debug3: Received 52 SSH2_FXP_NAME responses
> [...]
> debug3: Sending SSH2_FXP_READDIR I:4
> debug3: Received reply T:101 I:4
> debug3: Received SSH2_FXP_STATUS 1
> debug3: Sent message SSH2_FXP_CLOSE I:5
> debug3: SSH2_FXP_STATUS 0
> sftp>

I tracked down the problem to the "(dp = readdir(dirp)) != NULL)"
command in process_readdir of sftp-server.c. The readdir function seems
to crash when it's called the second time. The main difference between
the first time it's called and the second is the value of
dirp->__d_dirent.__d_position. At the first time it's zero. The second
time nonzero (actually the last position of the directory). I set it to
zero, to see what happens and readdir is working correctly (lists the
directory again).

Hope, this helps a bit.

> Corinna
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