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Re: Re-install of cygwin not possible via setup.exe

If you deleted the entire tree under the Cygwin root (normally c:\cygwin),
then setup.exe should have no knowledge of your previous installation.

Did you also delete your previously downloaded archive (.tar.gz) files?  If
you did both, you effectively have a brand new system as far as Cygwin is
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From: "Newcastle" <>
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Sent: Monday, April 09, 2001 6:41 AM
Subject: Re-install of cygwin not possible via setup.exe

> I had installed cygwin 1.1.8 and it was working fine, except that I forgot
> to select "Install for:  all" when I initially did it a month ago.  Thus,
> followed your uninstall instructions by deleting the software.  (I also
> removed the registry entries too since there was no add/remove entry
> The problem:  When I use your web page to "install now", it only shows me
> "CVS" as an option to download (because the CVS version had changed since
> first downloaded cygwin).  Where is it recording that I have a
> previously-installed cygwin so that I can tell it to download everything
> if I had NEVER installed cygwin before?  Is there a cookie on my machine
> that I can delete?
> Please advise because I am unable to download a full copy of cygwin until
> know why setup.exe won't show me the entire list of files so that I can
> download the latest of everything.  P.S.  This information would be most
> helpful in the "uninstall cygwin" documentation so that someone knows the
> secret to re-install if they want to.

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