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Re: GL/gl.h in w32api

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> I would accept a "clean room" implementation of the Microsoft OpenGL
> headers and import libraries.  A clean room implementation is where you
> use only related documentation to create the files.

The w32api distribution already contains implementations of the import
libraries, presumably clean room.  All that are required are the headers
to go with them.

I also suspect that a complete "clean room" rewrite of the headers
isn't necessary.  The OpenGL Architectural Review Board states in their
FAQ ( under the
topic "What is SGI policy on 'free' implementations of APIs which resemble
the OpenGL API?"  that "SGI agrees to allow others to copy the OpenGL
header files, as much as is necessary, for the creation of other

Hence all that would need to be reverse engineered are the Microsoft
modifications to Silicon Graphics' original header files.  Fortunately
this has already been done for other open source projects.  Suitable
starting points for w32api versions of the OpenGL headers are available
from, either from the cygwin opengl package or from
the cygwin xfree86 package (which contains Mesa).  If permission can
be obtained to use either of these as starting points for maintaining
independent header files, the w32api maintainers can ensure that they
remain in sync with the corresponding import libraries, reflect the
behaviour of the Microsoft Win32 SDK headers and are installed in the
correct locations.

> I however will not be doing this myself.

Would you be willing to ask Andre Bleau or Brian Paul for permission
for w32api to use modifications of their OpenGL header files?

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