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Compiling Playstation2 cross compiler.


I'm attempting to compile a Playstation2 (mips r5900) cross compiler which
is based on gnu-gcc under cygwin.  I am currently having a problem with what
seems to be related to CrLf problems.  The cc1.exe of the new compiler is
failing to treat \\ \n (backslash followed by new lines) correctly for
#define's.  It keeps reporting the error "stray '\' in program" where the \
should be.  Removing the '\' and placing the complete define on one line
seems to fix it, however, I'd prefer to fix the problem at the source.

I've tried downloading the source for gcc from cygwin to see if I could see
any major differences between source files but so far I've seen none.  I
assume cygwin modified the compiler to look for these cases at some stage?
How/Where was it done then?  The cross compiler has version 2.9-ee-991111b
if thats any help.

The assembler and linker have compiled and seem to be functioning correctly.
The tar.gz file is available at and is called
gnu-ee-binutils-gcc-1.1.tar.gz on the download page.

Its curently stopping at compiling libgcc2.c.  To get this far I have
downloaded gettext and compiled and used its libintl.a file.  I've also
modified rtl.c to check for '\r' in the functions read_skip_spaces and

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

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